Academic Update for Instructors - 7/30

July 30, 2020

Make sure to check the Fall 2020 Experience for Instructors/Researchers webpage regularly for the latest updates about the upcoming semester and academic year. An archive of Academic Updates for Instructors can be found on the COVID-19 website in the blue box on the right.

Included in this email:

  • 2020 UNL Instructor Training – new
  • Self-Guided SIOT – new
  • July CTT Workshops – reminder
  • Textbooks for Fall – new
  • Proctoring Resources – new
  • Grade Submission Extension – new
  • Cornhusker Commitment – reminder

2020 UNL Instructor Training

A supplement to the university's COVID-19 Awareness – Campus Procedures & Self-Care training has been created with a specific focus on in-person classroom instruction. The training is strongly recommended for instructors who will be teaching in-person courses this year and covers topics that include face coverings, physical distancing, classroom disinfection, instructor-student connection, attendance, assessment, and more.

Self-Guided SIOT

This year's Summer Institute for Online Teaching has been reconfigured into a self-guided curriculum for instructors who could not attend in real time. The Institute guides instructors through course planning and developing pedagogically sound online courses and is useful for experienced online instructors, as well as those who will be teaching remotely for the first time. The self-guided edition is available in Canvas. The course requires participants to be self-reliant but instructors can contact their instructional designers if they encounter a problem they can’t resolve.

July CTT Workshops

The Center for Transformative Teaching continues to host new workshops through July 31. Registration is required. Workshop archives, which typically include recordings of sessions for those who cannot attend, will be available on the CTT website. (outdated link removed)

Textbooks for Fall

Whenever possible, instructors should encourage students to order their course materials before August 4 and have them shipped directly to their current address before coming to campus to help decrease crowd size at the bookstore during the first two weeks of the semester.

Proctoring Resources

As a result of the Digital Learning Commons operating at a reduced capacity this fall, instructors may want to make use of online proctoring tools in addition to other types of alternative assessments. A proctoring decision tree has been created to help with these decisions. Additional resources will be listed as they become available. Contact an instructional designer in your college to discuss the different options.

Grade Submission Extension

Grading deadlines for the fall 2020 semester have been extended by one week, making Friday, December 11 the last day to turn in grades for any course. Grades for the Fall Mini Session will be due on January 4.

Cornhusker Commitment

All members of the campus community are expected to follow certain protocols that will help to protect the health, safety and wellness of our campus community. Our students have been asked to demonstrate their commitment to these protocols by signing the Cornhusker Commitment. We encourage all faculty and staff to voluntarily sign this as well and demonstrate your commitment to the safety of our campus community.