Course Attendance

September 8, 2020

Dear Students,

Congratulations on making it to week four.

We write to address questions and concerns some of you have raised regarding course attendance policies, particularly from those who are quarantining to support the overall health and safety of our campus community.

UNL's Faculty Senate guidance regarding course attendance and engagement notes: for the Fall 2020 semester, "attendance" should be interpreted to mean "physical attendance in the classroom, remote synchronous attendance, or engagement with the course in ways specified by the instructor in the course syllabus."

Students who are quarantining or isolating "must still fulfill the engagement expectations of their classes and should follow the stated guidelines for their courses in communicating with their instructors and staying current in the coursework."

To avoid confusion and to ensure you are fulfilling coursework expectations, we encourage you to do the following:

  • Review All of Your Course Syllabi: Be sure you understand the attendance and engagement expectations for all of your courses, including any alternative expectations you may need to meet if you are participating remotely. Do not assume that attendance policies will be the same as previous semesters as we are all adapting to the pressures that COVID is placing on our traditional teaching models.
  • Communicate with your Instructors: Always contact your instructor first if you have questions or concerns about a course's attendance and engagement expectations. Oftentimes a quick conversation or email exchange can satisfactorily resolve concerns.

If you need to quarantine and are not able to attend an in-person course, communicate with your instructors as quickly as possible. Be sure you know what to do to stay current in your coursework. In some cases, an instructor might provide an alternative means of fulfilling course expectations remotely outside of what the syllabus identifies. It is your responsibility to contact the instructor and learn what you need to do to be successful in the course.

If, after consulting with the instructor, you still feel that a course's attendance policy is not being addressed appropriately, you should elevate the concern to the chair of the department that offers the course. You can find the chair's name and contact information on the department website.

We are making every effort to ensure student success and timely degree completion while ensuring the health and safety of the Husker community. So again, please stay home if you need to quarantine or isolate. Wishing you the very best for the rest of the semester.


Roni Miller
Roni Miller
President, ASUN

Roni Miller
Amy Goodburn
Senior Associate Vice Chancellor & Dean of Undergraduate Education