COVID-19 Signage

University Communication has developed universal signage that can be displayed throughout campus. As signage is developed, it is uploaded to a Box share, which you can access. Units/departments can select the desired signage and order from UNL Printing Services. Some signage has been placed by the University Operations team at entrances to, and common areas of, State-funded buildings. Additional signage, if desired, is the responsibility of the department/unit.

To place an order for signage to be displayed in common areas in buildings, please fill out the order form below and email to Printing Services at

Download PDF Form

For assistance with or guidance on special installation of signage, contact Facilities Management at 402-472-1550.

How should signage be mounted?

The mounting of signage is at the discretion of individual units. The simplest method of mounting is through the use of double-sided adhesive tape or putty. Consideration should be given to the product chosen so damage is not caused when removed, particularly for painted surfaces. UNL printing services has available an adhesive product that is intended for this purpose.

Where should signage be mounted?

Best practices and recommendations

Poster design showing symptoms of COVID-19


Recommended placement: Building entrances and common areas — including stairwells, hallways, meeting spaces and immediately outside classrooms.

Poster design showing elevator etiquette

Elevator Etiquette

Recommended placement: Outside and inside all elevators.

Poster design showing best practices for hand-washing


Recommended placement: Restrooms and other hand-washing locations (break rooms, laboratories, etc.).

Poster with text describing mask-required and social distancing space

Social Distancing

Recommended placement: Areas prone to congestion- outside classrooms, high-traffic hallways, waiting for elevators, etc.

Poster with text describing mask-required space

Face Covering Required

Recommended placement: Areas that require face coverings like labs, common seating areas, etc.

Poster with text describing seating unavailable

Seat Unavailable

Recommended placement: Seating areas where chairs are not able to be moved to allow proper distance between seats.

Poster with arrow pointing left

Directional Arrows

Recommended placement: Areas where directional traffic patterns have been identified to help with traffic flow.

Poster with enter only text


Recommended placement: All entrances and exits of buildings. If double doors, designate one door for entry and one door for exit.

Poster with text about room occupancy

Room Occupancy

Recommended placement: Where an occupancy limit is established, post at room entrances and within rooms.

Space assessments must be requested and verified before installing occupancy signs. Download request form.

Download signage best practices PDF

Department/unit leadership may designate additional signage locations based on local needs. View all signage here

Using social distancing guidelines, the Office of the Executive Chancellor and Facilities Management and Planning are outlining seating arrangements within instruction spaces across the university. Photos that show how each space should be arranged, identifying seats to be used, will be posted in each classroom by Facilities Management and Planning.

Can I make my own signs?

  • Signs should be limited to those that have been approved by University Communications, other than those that are developed with local messages on University Communications provided templates.
  • University Communication signs can be printed locally, but it is strongly recommended to have signs manufactured by UNL Printing Services.