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Building Access

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is open. This spring, Wellness Attendants are assigned to the entrances of certain buildings to check the Safer Community app for an “Access Granted” status. At those buildings, other entrances will be locked from the outside. Entrance-only and exit-only traffic flows will be marked in buildings to help keep the flow running smoothly.

Visitors must be accompanied by a faculty or staff member in a building, and those accompanying employees will need to show their app or testing card to the Wellness Attendants for admittance. At this time, vendors are exempt from the campus testing policies, but they are expected to follow all other campus safety protocols, including wearing face covers and practicing social distancing.

Love Library North and Adele Learning Commons

Event Guidelines

Please refer to the UNL Events calendar for information on public events.

The following guidelines for organizing, sponsoring and hosting university events, effective August 1, 2020 (revised January 20, 2021) until further notice, are designed to help ensure the health and safety of the UNL community. These guidelines reinforce key elements of the university’s safety and risk mitigation efforts:

  • Maintain 6 feet of physical distance between individuals.
  • Wear face coverings at all events – both indoors and outdoors.
  • Use the Safer Community app as a part of the required check-in process.
  • De-densify the gathering of individuals through limitations of in-person group sizes and venue capacities in accordance with state and local directed health measures.
  • Utilize remote engagement whenever possible to reduce large gatherings, limit the traffic of visitors to and from campus and common spaces, and allow attendees with potential health risks to participate virtually.

For activities or events with 50 or more attendees, event organizers must complete all steps of the approval process and complete an Event Risk Assessment.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln follows Directed Health Measures (DHMs) as defined by the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department. If a county or city ordinance conflicts with university policy, the more restrictive policy should apply.

Approval Process and Event Risk Assessment for Events of 50+

Event organizers must submit an Event Approval Request Form to their respective Vice Chancellor’s office. This form must obtain all relevant approvals at least 7 days prior to the event. Event organizers should plan 7-10 days for the review process to be completed. Event organizers are responsible for responding to any questions from the respective approvers. The online form (see example) will require:

  1. A completed Risk Assessment - available online.
  2. Chair/head/director/dean approval prior to routing to the respective Vice Chancellor’s office

Alcohol Services Permit Applications will not be processed until an event has been approved.

Event planners should use these event planning considerations and guidelines when planning how activities will take place. Certain types of activities may not be approved.

This approval process is inclusive of any and all events hosted by university academic, research, and administrative units as well as student association and organization activities not already governed or managed by formal instructional space guidelines for COVID-19. Example of events include, but are not limited to symposia, seminars, lectures, campus visits/tours, camps, performances, entertainment, social programming, large meetings, etc. If an organizer is hosting multiple events that are similar in scope, filing one risk assessment to cover all similar events is sufficient.

Event Capacities and Venue Approvals

All university sponsored, organized or hosted events are expected to follow event capacities as directed by the community health guidance, most likely from the City of Lincoln and are responsible for working with and securing approvals from the event location/venue.

  • Reduced event venue capacities, maximum gathering sizes and small group or table sizes within events are established based on guidance from the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department’s Directed Health Measures (If in a different county, similar guidance from the relevant local authority should be followed.)

    These guidelines can change as circumstances evolve; however, no university sponsored program should exceed the gathering size or venue capacity guidelines in place at the time of the event/program. Respective university events and venues do have the ability to establish event capacities that are lower/less than the directed health measure limits at the time of the event.
  • Outdoor spaces on campus will follow the COVID capacities identified here Contact Campus Planning and Space Management for capacities of spaces not listed.
  • Events held off-campus should secure documentation of their respective venue’s capacity and physical distancing policies and protocols. At a minimum the event must follow the local health and safety protocols of the event’s respective venue along with the required six-foot distancing and facial covering requirements expected of all UNL sponsored events. The university unit/affiliate hosting the event will need to secure a document outlining such venue specific policies and protocols that will be in-place for the off-campus hosted event.
  • For private events held on campus, venue managers are required to secure event approval, including the event risk assessment.
  • A UNL employee (not a student employee) or an RSO advisor must remain on site for the event’s duration to ensure that the event is in compliance with all directed health measures.
  • These guidelines may change as COVID-19 conditions evolve and in keeping with corresponding federal, state, and local measures. Any university event can be cancelled without notice at any time, even if previously approved, at the university’s discretion in the interest of health and safety.

*Athletic event protocols will be governed by Nebraska Athletics, Big Ten, and NCAA guidelines and policies. Programs held in specific venues such as the Lied Center, Carson Theatre, and Sheldon Art Museum are expected to follow their specific approved venue policies and protocols.

Directed Health Measures (DHM) through March 12, 2021

Updated February 12, 2021

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Participant Limitations

500+ participants requires LLCHD approval

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Gatherings / Event Attendance

75% Occupancy Indoors & Outdoors

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Small Group Activities

Max of 8 People
Per Table / Group

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50+ Attendees (On or Off Campus)

Must Seek University Approval
(see Event Guidelines)

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University or Organization Travel (Includes Travel or Events Outside Lincoln, NE)

Not Permitted At This Time
View policy and/or request an exemption

Get the latest each Wednesday at 3 p.m. - https://go.unl.edu/eventplanning