Facilities & Events

Building Access

The UNL campus is now open. Visitors are advised to check in with the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department; all international visitors to campus are asked to contact the International Student and Scholar Office at isso@unl.edu. Please refer to the UNL Events calendar for information on public events.

Love Library North and Adele Learning Commons

Event Guidelines

The following guidelines for organizing, sponsoring and hosting university events, effective August 1, 2020 (revised October 26, 2020) until further notice, are designed to help ensure the health and safety of the UNL community. These guidelines reinforce key elements of the university’s Forward to Fall framework:

  • Maintain six feet of physical distance between individuals.
  • Wear facial coverings in indoor environments, and outdoors when physical distancing is not possible.
  • De-densify the gathering of individuals through limitations of in-person group sizes and venue capacities in accordance with state and local directed health measures.
  • Utilize remote engagement whenever possible to reduce large gatherings, limit the traffic of visitors to and from campus and common spaces, and allow attendees with potential health risks to participate virtually.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln follows Directed Health Measures (DHMs) as defined by the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department. If any guidance is in conflict, use the most stringent health measure.

Event Capacities and Venue Approvals

All university sponsored, organized or hosted events are expected to follow event capacities as directed by the community health guidance, most likely from the City of Lincoln and are responsible for working with and securing approvals from the event location/venue.

  • Event capacities and the size of small groups within events are established based on guidance from the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department’s Directed Health Measures (or, if in a different county, from that relevant health department) pertaining to maximum gathering size and reduction of venue capacity. These guidelines can change as circumstances evolve; however, no university sponsored program should exceed the gathering size or venue capacity guidelines in place at the time of the event/program. Respective university events and venues do have the ability to establish event capacities that are lower/less than the directed health measure limits at the time of the event.
  • Outdoor spaces on campus will follow the COVID capacities identified here Contact Campus Planning and Space Management for capacities of spaces not listed.
  • Events held off-campus are encouraged to secure documentation of their respective venue’s capacity and physical distancing policies and protocols. At a minimum the event must follow the local health and safety protocols of the event’s respective venue along with the required six-foot distancing and facial covering requirements expected of all UNL sponsored events. The university unit/affiliate hosting the event will need to secure a document outlining such venue specific policies and protocols that will be in-place for the off-campus hosted event.
  • For private events held on campus, venue managers are required to secure event approval, including the event risk assessment.
  • Approval Process and Event Risk Assessment

    Event organizers must submit an Event Approval Request Form to their respective Vice Chancellor’s office no later than 14 days prior to the event. The online form (see example) will require:

    1. A completed Risk Assessment - available online.
    2. Chair/head/director/dean approval prior to routing to the respective Vice Chancellor’s office

    Alcohol Services Permit Applications will not be processed until an event has been approved.