Guidance on Student Travel for Academic and Co-Curricular Experiences

July 29, 2020

Student travel for academic and co-curricular experiences is discouraged until further notice. This guidance applies to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Departments and programs should sponsor such travel only if the experience’s outcomes are critical to the students’ academic program and cannot be achieved virtually or through an alternative on-campus experience. Departments and programs organizing student travel for off-campus academic and co-curricular experiences are expected to follow the university’s health and safety guidelines (physical distancing, face coverings, etc.) including while traveling to and from the off-campus locations. Organizers must ensure students who are not able to participate in such travel receive alternative accommodations for the experience to ensure equity and inclusion.

University-sponsored student travel should occur only if the travel can be conducted in full compliance with public health guidance issued by both the State of Nebraska and, if applicable, the destination state at the time of travel. It is the responsibility of the faculty or staff member organizing the trip (instructor, RSO advisor, etc.) to ensure that the student travel is fully compliant.

  1. Student travel for curricular programs must be approved by the chair or director of the respective academic program and the dean of the college in which the program resides.
  2. Student organization and other co-curricular student travel must be approved by the Office of Student Affairs.

Note: Student travel for academic and co-curricular experiences can be cancelled without notice at any time, even if previously approved, at the university’s discretion in the interest of health and safety.