Guidelines for Youth Events

Updated August 12, 2021

A youth event is any event with attendees 18 years old and younger. This applies to all events sponsored by UNL and externally sponsored events hosted in a UNL venue. Events with youth attendees must follow the Youth Activity Safety Policy, which now includes the COVID-19 health and safety measures listed below. Additionally, any with 500 or more attendees must have an approved event plan from the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department and must provide this approved event plan during the Youth Activity Safety Policy registration process and to all UNL venues being used for the event.

  1. Maintain accurate records of all attendees and small groups for each day of the activity.
  2. Youth should be assigned to small groups and stay within these small groups all day, each day.
  3. Daily symptom screening for all youth and activity workers. See the CDC's list of symptoms.
  4. Anyone with one or more symptoms must not participate.
  5. Develop a plan to immediately separate and send home anyone who has:
    1. COVID-related symptoms.
    2. Been identified as a close contact.
    3. A positive COVID-19 test result.
  6. Face cover must be appropriately worn in compliance with UNL Face Covering Policy.
  7. 6’ of physical distancing should be maintained by everyone who is not fully vaccinated.
  8. Frequent hand washing/sanitizing by all youth and activity workers is expected.
  9. UNL units and venues may have specific health and safety measures that must be followed. For example: University Housing, Dining Services, Lied Center, Carson Theatre, Sheldon Museum of Art, Nebraska Unions, Campus Recreation, Fleet Management, etc. The activity director/sponsor must inquire about these measures and comply.
  10. Develop a plan for communicating all expectations to youth, their families, and activity workers prior to the youth activity.
  11. Conduct a meeting at the start of the activity to review all health and safety measures with youth and activity workers. Create a time each subsequent day to review as needed.
  12. Additional resources:
    1. The American Camp Association Field Guide for Camps
    2. Centers for Disease Control Guidance for Operating Youth Camps
    3. Centers for Disease Control Guidance for Operating Youth and Summer Camps: Readiness and Planning Tool
    4. State of Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
    5. Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department COVID-19 Response