Information for Instructors / Researchers

This page contains information related to your role as an instructor and/or researcher at the university. For additional information pertaining to all who are employed at the university, please see the Information for Employees page.

Testing and Reporting

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers free COVID-19 testing services. Any member of the university community who receives a positive test report should report their case to the Public Health Advocacy Team. For the health of the university community, please cooperate with any contact-tracing information requests you may receive.

For more information, please refer to our comprehensive resources on Testing, Reporting & Contact Tracing.

Voluntary Vaccine Registry

To help us understand the breadth of vaccination rates in our community, we have created a voluntary COVID-19 Vaccine Registry. You must have completed your final dose in order to register.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not ask about others' vaccination status. Such information is considered private.


Class Attendance Policy

Faculty Senate has updated its class attendance policy.

Academic Flexibility for COVID-19

Students who have medical documentation of a health risk that cannot be mitigated through vaccination should submit a COVID-19 Academic Flexibility Request. Those with a disability and/or chronic health condition that makes them high risk for the virus should seek support via Services for Students with Disabilities. International students should contact the International Student and Scholar Office to discuss their options.

When Students Miss Tests and Project Deadlines

To discourage students from coming to class when they are actively ill or potentially infected, offer students who are in quarantine/isolation opportunities to make up exams (in-person or remotely) or turn in projects.

Academic Support

It's important to make sure students have the resources they need to succeed. If you have concerns about a student's academic performance, you can raise a red flag or make a referral to the Center for Academic Success and Transition through MyPLAN. CAST has created an easy-to-use resource to help you decide how and when you should use these tools. There's also an option to give kudos to students who are excelling academically. If you have concerns about a student's mental health and well-being, the Behavioral Intervention Team and Counseling and Psychological Services have separate resources that can help.

Graduate Studies

Visit the Graduate Studies COVID-19 page for guidelines and updates.

University Libraries

Libraries are open. Learn more about specific library policies on the Libraries and COVID-19 page.

In the Classroom / Lab


Classrooms are equipped with wellness stations and disinfectant for technology equipment at instructor stations.

Research, Travel, & Study Abroad

Research Planning and Continuity for Researchers and Research Groups

The needs of research groups for continuity of operations are many and varied. The Office of Research and Economic Development has created a COVID-19 Research Planning resource to assist researchers in operations and planning through this period.


  • The university has returned to pre-COVID-19 operations for processing international travel requests for faculty, staff, and students on university-sponsored business. For faculty and staff travel, two levels of authorization are no longer required.
  • The university continues to strongly encourage all travelers to comply with travel guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and/or state or local public health departments, whether travel is personal or for university-sponsored business. 
  • Additional information can be found at
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Since the beginning of this public health crisis, we’ve been answering your questions about how UNL is planning and responding. We’ve compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions on the FAQ / Contact Us page. For questions and answers of specific interest to instructors and researchers, please see the FAQ section Health and Safety in Classes I Teach.

Emails to Instructors / Researchers

This is a list of all messages sent specifically to instructors and researchers. Please see the latest updates page of this site for university-wide messages.