Letter to Students: Finishing the Semester Strong and Safe

November 10, 2020

As winter break quickly approaches, I’m sure many in our Husker community look forward to recharging mentally, physically and emotionally. We knew this semester would bring unprecedented challenges from COVID-19 and with the revised academic calendar, yet Huskers continue to stand up to the task while watching out for one another.

That being said, there are a number of campus resources to support you as the semester comes to a close. Whether you need help yourself or are worried about a friend, I encourage you to reach out:

  • Well-being coaches – Sign up to chat with a coach to help get perspective from a trained peer or professional. Coaches will offer sessions through November 25. Sessions also can be scheduled during the break.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) – Help is available 24/7 for urgent concerns. Students can call 402-472-7450 and follow the prompts to talk with a counselor on duty.
  • Student Advocacy & Support – If you have COVID-19 or have extenuating circumstances and need assistance navigating resources, support is here for you.

Looking beyond final exams, I know many students will choose to return home to spend the break with friends and family. Please take the following precautions before you leave:

  • Get a COVID-19 test before leaving the Lincoln-area to avoid unknowingly bringing COVID-19 home to your family or friends. Free testing will be available beginning Monday, Nov. 16. To participate you must schedule an appointment.

It is recommended that you schedule your test 72 hours in advance of travel

  • Limit your interactions with others as much as possible in the 2 weeks before you leave. The less interactions you have, the less likely you are to contract COVID-19 and bring it home with you.
  • Be cautious during travel. No matter how you choose to travel, you can take actions to help reduce your chances of contracting COVID-19. View these travel tips for help getting to your destination safely.
  • Research local restrictions for your destination. Some state, local and territorial governments have requirements, such as requiring masks or requiring those who have traveled to quarantine for up to 14 days. View state and territorial listings and tribal public health resources.
  • If you’ll be around an individual from a high-risk population when you arrive at your destination, be sure to wear a face covering and keep 6-feet apart so you don’t unknowingly pass along the virus.

If you’re quarantining due to exposure to COVID-19 or are isolating due to a positive COVID-19 test, you should postpone travel until the end of your quarantine or isolation. If you find it absolutely necessary to travel during this time, you should contact Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department at 402-441-8053 to discuss additional precautions.

Don’t let COVID-19 ruin your hard-earned break from the rigors of coursework. Wear a face covering. Watch your distance. Wash your hands.

Best wishes on your upcoming exams,

Laurie Bellows
Laurie Bellows
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs