Letter to Students: Safety First

October 21, 2020

Dear Students,

As the excitement builds for a trifecta of celebratory experiences in the coming weeks – Husker Homegating for football, Homecoming and Halloween – I want to remind you that every university student and student organization is expected to put safety first. This includes:

  1. Limiting off-campus gatherings to 10 or fewer individuals
  2. Hosting events outside as often as possible
  3. Always wearing a face covering
  4. Maintaining 6 feet of separation from others
  5. Washing hands or using sanitizer regularly
  6. Following all COVID-19 related policies, guidelines, laws and orders issued by the county, city, state or other applicable agency while on and off campus. (If a county or city ordinance conflicts with university policy, the more restrictive should apply.)
  7. Notifying the university if you test positive for COVID-19 by emailing covid19@unl.edu or texting 402-266-6865
  8. Cooperating with any contact tracing efforts

Our policies were developed to set clear expectations about how we can best care for one another. Compliance is expected. Failure to do so — regardless of whether you are on or off campus — will result in disciplinary action.

Each of you has the power to make a difference by following the three W’s: Wear a face covering. Watch your distance. Wash your hands. It’s that simple. And if you see someone who’s not meeting these expectations, say something. By simply reminding someone to put on a face covering — or not attending an irresponsible social event — you can help others realize the impact of their actions.

I know navigating this pandemic is really difficult. It can make us feel tired and overwhelmed. But we can’t let these feelings turn into apathy towards the guidelines that keep us and others safe and healthy. Now isn’t the time to let go, but rather to refocus our efforts towards finishing the semester strong. Our best prospect for stopping the spread of COVID-19 and continuing to enjoy in-person experiences is to protect ourselves and one another by living up to our Cornhusker Commitment.

Wear a face covering. Watch your distance. Wash your hands.

Laurie Bellows
Laurie Bellows
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs