Operational Continuity Items

March 19, 2020

Given Chancellor Green notice to campus yesterday, I thought it might be helpful to provide information and details regarding some operational continuity items. Specifically Building Access, Mail and Central Receiving, Parking, Financial Processing, and use of state equipment.

Building Access

Your designated Key Managers received an email this morning from our UNL Building Access team indicating that starting Friday at 7:00pm, door access will move to a modified schedule where all academic building exterior entry doors will be automatically locked requiring your N-Card to gain access. If you already have N-Card building access, you will be able to enter your building. Auxiliaries may continue to modify building access to accommodate their own preferences. Please consider who may not have the necessary access and contact our University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department’s Building Access for assistance at 402-472-2227 or buildingaccess@unl.edu Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm.

Mail and Central Receiving

With many employee now shifting to remote work, it will require a change in mail delivery and central receiving. Please know that our mail operation will remain active - just the delivery will need to be customized. Here are specifics:

Mail and Distribution

  • Receipt of mail to the University Operations Building from USPS will remain uninterrupted.
  • Mail will be received, sorted and stored for pickup or delivery when requested.
  • Mail will be prepared for pickup between 10:00am – 3:00 pm.
  • Mail and packages will need to be dropped off between 8:00am – 12pm.

Questions or requests can be directed to the Facilities Service Desk at 402-472-1550.

Central Receiving

We will begin diverting the delivery of packages from third-party vendors (UPS, FedEx, etc.) to Facilities Management Services receiving dock at 942 North 22nd Street. Here are further specifics:

  • Housing and Athletics will continue to receive packages at their own locations until they inform us otherwise.
  • Packages delivered by third-party vendors will be secured at 942 North 22nd Street. If there are critical items individuals are waiting to receive they can call the Facilities Service Desk at 402-472-1550 and we will arrange for pickup or delivery by University Operations Staff. The Facilities Service Desk is staffed from 7:30am – 5:00pm for all service needs.
  • Our University Operations team is working with the Office of Research and Economic Development to ensure all necessary research equipment and supplies get delivered directly to the needed locations. This will be addressed on a case-by-case basis under the coordination of ORED and B&F.


Given the new directive to work remotely where possible, starting March 23rd, our Parking and Transportation Services will conduct only essential campus functions. We will not be enforcing parking permit regulations, rather we will move to management of fire, life safety, ADA, answer phone calls, cleaning parking facilities, and monitoring lots and garages for security/vandalism purposes. If your job requires you to report to campus or if you need at access your worksite to retrieve items from your office, you may park in a regular unmarked parking space close to your building. As always, please do not park in a signed space, reserved space, drive aisles, on sidewalks, fire lanes, or any other prohibited areas.

Financial Processing

Business Officers and Functional Office Leaders participated in a Business Continuity Session earlier this week. Financial operations in Business and Finance will continue to be supported remotely. Detailed instructions regarding payroll, disbursement and deposit processing will be distributed to all business staff later today. If you have any questions, please work with your area business office or manager.

Use of State Equipment / Property

As employees shift to remote work, several questions have arisen about the use of state equipment and property (PC’s, monitors, etc.) for continuity of work. As equipment is temporarily loaned to enable employees to work from home or another alternate location, employees are asked to update the Objects on Loan form (also available on the Human Resources website). Provide any Objects on Loan updates to your department’s administrative staff.