COVID-19 Policies, Information and Guidelines

Fall 2020 Spring 2021
Face covering policy Unchanged
Following all local, state and federal COVID-19 protocols Unchanged
Campus de-densification via remote work Unchanged
Remote & Flexible Work Accommodation Process Unchanged
Employee travel Unchanged
Exemption Requests for Student Travel Unchanged
2020 UNL Instructor Training Unchanged
COVID-19 Daily Dashboard Unchanged
Student fee reduction if online course fees plus program facilities fee total exceeds $722 Unchanged
Student Accommodation Process Unchanged
Instructional Exemption Request Process Unchanged
Safety plans for research and creative activity at all UNL sites, with additional plans for human subjects research Unchanged
Personal protective equipment available through UNL Marketplace Unchanged
Disposable clear face masks available for instructors Unchanged
Course Attendance and Engagement Expectations Guidance Revised by the Faculty Senate to add an extension through spring and summer sessions.
Course Delivery Formats Revised to three models: Fully in-person, web conference, and online; published in MyRED for student scheduling; changes after Dec. 26 require dean’s office approval.
Cornhusker Commitment Revised for students and required to affirm in MyRED.
Supervisor Quarantine, Isolation, and Notification Guidance Revised based on most recent CDC guidance.
Voluntary Symptomatic or Exposure Testing at 14th & R Moving to new pod west of the Willa S. Cather Dining Complex starting Jan. 19.
Randomized, Voluntary Testing New: Required testing (re-entry and follow-up) as needed for all individuals planning to come to any UNL campus in Spring 2021.
Building Access Open New: Buildings staffed with Wellness Attendants starting Jan. 25th. Require app or pass with negative results or approved exemptions.
Submission of Affiliate & Volunteer Names for Saliva-Based Testing Program New: UNL affiliates and volunteers who share spaces with students, faculty or staff on any campus are required to participate in the program. Affiliates and volunteers who do not participate in the testing program and do not have a negative test result must be escorted into campus buildings. Submit Affiliate & Volunteer names for testing program.