Safer Community App

The Safer Community app is available to support the university community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Safer Community offers the most convenient, most secure and most direct tool for managing your COVID-19 testing and building access. Use of the app is strongly recommended for all students, faculty and staff.

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Help and Support

The Safer Community app has support documentation to help app users troubleshoot known errors and issues within the app.

For additional assistance with the Safer Community app, please contact the Huskertech Help Center by email or by phone at 402-472-3970.

Using the App

The Safer Community app has a number of features to help maximize on-campus health and safety.

Testing Results & Information

Students, faculty and staff with active university IDs can use the Safer Community app to access information about their testing schedule and results including:

  • Personalized on-campus testing reminders
  • Personalized & private on-campus testing results
  • On-campus testing site locations & hours

More information about the university's testing program is available on the Fall 2021 on Campus page.

Exposure Notification

  • You can enable Safer Community app to anonymously notify you of possible COVID-19 exposures
  • To participate in exposure notification, you must:

    1. Enable the Exposure Notification feature during the app setup or in the Settings menu
    2. Allow Safer Community to use Bluetooth and location services when prompted
    3. Allow Safer Community to display notifications

    Safer Community generates local notifications to keep the Bluetooth scanning system engaged while your phone is locked or while exposure notification is working in the background. Your phone may display a notification that says "Checking for exposures..." while exposure notifications are enabled.

    Exposure Notification is triggered only by a contact that is considered a likely risk. Not every person you are near will be evaluated to determine exposure risk. These settings are adjusted by local health authorities as they evaluate the effectiveness of the Exposure Notification system.

Health & Wellness Information

The Safer Community app provides access to features for health & safety for faculty, staff and students including:

  • A symptom-scale for automated self-assessment  
  • Personalized guidance and next steps for responding to an exposure or positive test results
  • Most recent guidelines from the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department
  • Contact information for virtual-care teams from local healthcare providers

Built to Protect Your Privacy

The safety and privacy of our faculty, staff and students is our top priority. We have built this app with privacy at its foundation. It collects as little data as possible and has strong data security. For more information about how we have prioritized privacy and security, visit the Safer Community Privacy Statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get help or more information if something seems wrong with the app or I receive an error or message (e.g. “Potential Exposure”) that I don’t understand?

A good place to start is the Safer Community app support documentation which is updated frequently. The documentation contains information and workarounds for known bugs and problems.

You can view the Safer Community app support documentation online.

For additional assistance with the Safer Community app, please contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk by email ( or by phone (402-472-3970).

The Safer Community app is not available in my country's app store. What should I do? Safer Community is only available through United States app stores. International students who do not wish to change their app store should use the web-based COVID-19 Testing Portal to see their testing requirements, upload their vaccine information, view testing results, schedule a test, request an exception, or print a building-access pass.