Student Compliance with COVID-19 Expectations


As members of the UNL community, students are required be responsible for knowing, understanding and following the university’s expectations, protocols, procedures, and requirements related to COVID-19 health and safety mitigation measures. Students are expected to comply with established safety expectations — including testing, contact tracing, wearing face coverings and following local ordinances and/or campus event policies — recognizing that not doing so puts all students, faculty, and staff at risk. Those who fail to comply may face disciplinary action.


Each situation is different and unique. Outcomes will depend on various considerations such as impact of the behavior, prior conduct history, demonstrated learning, and willingness to make necessary changes to behavior. Sanctions are designed to be educational in nature and intended to provide the student with an activity or intervention to increase their knowledge and perspective and encourage positive decision-making. Generally, outcomes of non-compliance could include the following:

  1. A written notice: The notice may include a reminder about university expectations and consequences for subsequent failure to comply. This notice will be considered if there are subsequent issues of non-compliance.
  2. An informal meeting: A meeting with the student may be requested to discuss the report. An administrative fee is likely to be assessed and sanctions could include probation. A record of the matter will be made and may be considered if there are subsequent issues of non-compliance.
  3. Formal conduct action: A student may face formal conduct action which could include being charged with violations of the Student Code of Conduct and sanctions ranging from a warning to separation from the University.

For violations that are reasonably believed to exhibit willful disregard of the requirements or to constitute or create a threat to community safety, students who are determined to be responsible for a violation will be subject to sanctions up to and including loss of housing or separation from the University. Any gathering in violation of local ordinances or campus policies will be considered a serious violation of the Student Code of Conduct and will follow student discipline procedures which may result in suspension or expulsion. (If a county or city ordinance conflicts with university policy, the more restrictive policy should apply.)

Reporting Misconduct

Student Conduct and Community Standards will review all allegations of COVID-19 policy violations, to determine if a violation has occurred and if appropriate, remove a student’s eligibility to remain in campus housing and/or refer the student to the conduct process. Although privacy laws and confidentiality of student records prevent the university from disclosing specific details about a misconduct report and its resolution, all reports of misconduct are taken seriously, reviewed carefully and addressed promptly, in a fair, timely and objective manner, including providing due process for all involved. Individuals may report misconduct through the university’s TIPS incident reporting system.