Undergraduate Spring 2020 Pass/No Pass Q & A

As Spring Semester 2020 has concluded, this information is provided for reference.

What is the Pass/No Pass (P/NP) Policy for Spring 2020?

Policy information is located on the COVID-19 website.

What letter grades equate to a grade of Pass (P) or No Pass (NP)?

A grade of P is interpreted to mean a C or above. A grade of NP is interpreted to mean a C-minus or below.

If a student already switched to P/NP can they still switch back to traditional grading?

Yes. A student may choose either grade option (graded or P/NP) for each course in Spring 2020 classes until the May 29 deadline.

When is it best for a student to make the decision on their grade option?

In most situations, it is best for a student to wait until after their final grade is posted in MyRed to determine if they would like to change their grade option. By doing so, a student will have the best information possible to make a decision that will most favorably impact their academic record. This provides the student the ability to exercise the most control with their choices. A student may meet with an advisor now to consult and discuss implications. The advisor will make record of the discussion in a MyPLAN Advising Note. After final grades are posted, the student will need to confirm their decision to change the grade option on any course by contacting their academic advisor.

The university and colleges limit the number of credit hours of P grades that apply toward degree requirements. Will P credits earned this semester count toward those totals?

For Spring 2020, all courses completed with a P will meet requirements for all major, minor, college, and UNL degree and prerequisite requirements. In addition, for Spring 2020, P/NP grades will NOT apply to any P/NP credit hour limits.

What is the process for an advisor to submit a request for a student to change their grade option?

An official e-form in MyRed is being developed by the Office of the University Registrar in consultation with college advising leaders which will be utilized by advisors to submit grade option changes. This e-form will be ready in early May and advisors will receive instructions at that time for how to use the form. Prior to e-form availability advisors may use the Application for Grade Option Change along with MyPLAN advising notes to track student requests for grade option changes. College advising leaders will share the Application for Grade Option Change form with advisors in their colleges and communicate any additional information on internal record-keeping practices.

When will students' grade options be updated in MyRed?

The Office of the University Registrar will batch upload all requests completed through the official e-form at the end of May. Students will not see a change to their grade option until that time. In most instances, it is in the best interest of the student to request the advisor initiate the e-form after the student has viewed their final grades in early May. If an advisor believes there is an immediate need for a student to have their request for a change of grade option processed, the advisor should reach out to their college advising leader. The two most common reasons a grade change request may need to be processed immediately would be due to implications for May 2020 graduation or if a student is currently taking a class P/NP and has requested to move their option back to a letter grade.

What happens when a student earns an F in a graded course during Spring 2020?

The Office of the University Registrar will automatically change F grades to NP when other grade option changes are processed in late May. The only exception is if the F grade was assigned as a result of an academic integrity violation.

If a student is taking a course to replace a previous C-minus or below grade and opts to complete the course P/NP Spring 2020, will earning a P replace the previous grade?

Yes. If a student earned a C-minus or below in a course in a previous semester and earns a grade of P in the repeated course Spring 2020, the P will replace the previous grade in the student's cumulative GPA. Both attempts at completing the course and both grades will be recorded on the transcript. Similarly, if the student opts to use traditional grading in Spring 2020, the letter grade they earn in Spring 2020 will replace the original C-minus or below grade. Both attempts at completing the course and both grades will be recorded on the transcript.

What is the impact of P/NP on Scholarships and Financial Aid?

A student's current Spring 2020 term awards would not be impacted by the P/NP grading option. The requirement to complete at least 9 graded hours for some scholarship renewals is suspended for Spring 2020. For other scholarship renewal and continuing financial aid eligibility criteria for future semesters, P/NP is neutral on the GPA calculation yet does apply toward attempted and completed credits. In general, most scholarships require 24 credit hours to be completed in Fall/Spring and financial aid programs require a 67% completion rate (attempted versus completed credits) to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Leniency on these policies may be announced at a future date based on institutional decisions and/or federal guidance. An appeal process exists for scholarships or financial aid that is not renewed and students whose scholarship or financial aid is not renewed will be notified about the appeal process.

Should students considering graduate and/or professional school take courses P/NP?

UNL has no control over how external graduate and professional schools might recalculate GPAs, adjust admission criteria, etc. Many graduate and professional school programs have reported greater flexibility in accepting classes taken P/NP in Spring 2020 for minimum prerequisite requirements; however, courses taken for a letter grade may still be preferred and may provide an advantage in many situations. Students should consult with academic advisors when considering how P/NP grades might impact their unique situation for graduate or professional school.

What is the impact of P/NP for students currently using Veteran Affairs (VA) Education Benefits?

The VA allows a student to elect to take a course P/NP. If a student receives a NP:

  • The course credits that received the NP are notified to the VA after the end of the term.
  • The VA deducts the credits from a student's total enrolled credits.
  • This could possibly create a debt the student owes to the VA.
  • It can take the VA 2-4 months to process this notification and create a debt notice.

If you have questions about VA Educational Benefits, contact Deb Quinn, UNL VA Clerk, at dquinn2@unl.edu.

Does a change to P/NP impact visa status for international students?


Can a course that is only allowed by its curriculum rules to be graded P/NP be changed to a letter grade?


Will students be able to qualify for the Spring 2020 Dean's List if they take one or more classes P/NP?

Each college's Dean's List requirements is outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog. Many colleges do require a certain number of graded credit hours for qualification for the Dean's List. It is up to individual colleges if these requirements will change for Spring 2020.