Using the Safer Community App


Safer Community is compatible with iOS 11 or later and Android 6 or later.
Please check your app store for updates regularly.

Check University System Status for any in-progress service events or problems.

If you have already tested prior to installing the app, your test results may take up to 30 minutes after completing onboarding to be delivered.

More information is available on the Spring 2021 Saliva-Based Testing page.

If You Have Questions About Testing and Results ...

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln COVID Wellness Answer Center is available to answer questions about on-campus testing and results. 

Please contact the COVID Wellness Answer Center by email at

Feedback and Issues with Safer Community for iOS and Android

For feedback and issues with the Safer Community app, contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk.

Safer Community App Features

  • Testing Resources: Get tested on campus and privately read your results in hours. 


Check University System Status for any in-progress service events or problems.

An Internet Connection is Required

If your connection to the Internet is interrupted, your status may read as "not available." An internet connection is required for Safer Community. If this happens, check your internet connection and open your status card again to refresh your status.

Your status is calculated on your phone and is not stored on our servers. On opening, Safer Community must download the latest rule set to your phone so it can calculate your status.

Uploaded Test Results Do Not Change From Pending

Please update your version of Safer Community from the app stores or the Safer Community webpage.

The feature to upload test results from other providers has been removed and will not be supported. To participate in on-campus activities, you must participate in the on-campus testing program.

Results from on-campus testing are delivered automatically to your phone if you're logged in with your NUID and allowed test result delivery during on-boarding or in the Settings screen.

iPhone: Duo Two-Factor Won't Load

The Content Restriction feature of iOS can interfere with the Duo 2FA prompt on iOS. Contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk.

iPhone: Display Problems When Larger Text is On

Text and buttons may be unusable when Larger Text is turned on. Larger text can be disabled temporarily to use Safer Community.

Safer Community is Not Available in My Country's App Store

Safer Community is only available through United States app stores. International students who do not wish to change their app store should use the web-based COVID-19 Testing Portal.

Have More Questions?

Contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk